Employee Hotline

A dedicated hotline (Tel No: 25708478), WhatsApp (852-91085418) , WeChat(samsuenhk) group and e-mail contact (support@ssdata-hk.com) are available as a communication channel to allow our employees and our clients to raise any enquiries and concerns to our Account Director and Support team of SSDATA. Our will respond to any enquires within a shortest possible time.


If any persistent issues, please call our Escalation number +852-91085418 and we will take immediate actions for resolution.

Referrals Scheme

We have a referral scheme to compensate our employees effort of referring their IT friends and previous colleagues. This is a very effective scheme. We are paying our employees an ongoing bonus/commission for referrals. The idea is to keep employees and their referrals as a buddy in the company serving our clients together continuously.  

Healthy Employees

We encourage our employees to stay healthy and wellnes in all aspects of their life. SSDATA is commited to providing employees with a supportive environment where they can make healthier choices. Four pillars of healthy strategy are:

  • Live well
  • Eat Well
  • Stay Well
  • Sleep Well

We encourage our employees to have lunch and dinner on time even busy in work. We also do not encourage them to work immediately after lunch or dinner.

Regular Lunch Meeting with Employees

Our experience is to meet all the employees with Breakfast, lunch or dinner or tea or direct calls at least once per month to listen if they have any new plans, issues and concerns. This allows our Account Director to take immediate actions to take care of our employees in all aspects.

Continuous Learning

SSDATA encourages all the employees to build their skills through continuous learning and training . We will arranging various modes of Learning & Development: professional development online classes – internal and external, workshops and seminars, e-learning, etc.

Employee Handbook

 When Employees joining SSDATA, they will be provided with an Employee Handbook.  The Employee Handbook will also contain a reference to the corresponding clause of labor laws that SSDATA complies particularly concerning the Employment Ordinance, Cap. 57 Annual Leave entitlement (Clause 41AA), Sickness Allowance (Clause 33-38).  In such a way, employee can easily lookup the relevant protection and benefits required under laws and aware that they are have proper protection and benefits.

Orientation for New Joiners

 During the on-boarding process for new joiners, SSDATA HR Manager will sign contract with the Employee and will go through all the clauses in the contract to explain the protection, benefits, assistance and career offered to them under the contract and the relevant protection required by the Employment Ordinance.