SS Data Limited are providing different IT Services and are also providing temporary, contract or permanent IT professionals that can fit your company needs.  Our IT contract staff covers a wide range of IT professionals from IT Consultants, Project Managers, System Analysts, Analyst Programmers and Graduate Programmers, PIA and SRAA Security Consultants and Analysts, Infrastructure specialists, Data Centre Operators and Analysts etc.

We are also performing Data Scientist roles. We have proven experience in using R, Eviews, SQL, Power BI, Frontpage to analyse big data sets of your customers, build statistical/predictive machine learning models and design and develop real-time decision support rules and algorithms for your business in today digital world.

SS Data Limited has been conditionally awarded to HK Government Tender Ref.: GCIO90525965 – Tender for the Supply of Information Technology Professional Services to Government Departments under Standing Offer Agreements from31 Jan 2022 for four years.

  • CAT B – This category covers professional services for information security, data privacy, independent testing, independent quality control and quality assurance including the associated project management services
  • CAT C Minor – This Category covers IT professional services for the deployment and maintenance of IT application systems common to Bureaux/Departments (B/Ds) .


Our Directors and partners have rich experience in providing different IT services including Feasibility Study, Application development, System maintenance and support services, Data Centre operations, Infrastructure services, Security Review Assessment and audit, and Privacy Impact Assessment for clients like HKGOV, Airport Authority, Cathy Pacific Airways, Microsoft, A.S. Watson, Carrefour Asia and Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Bank of America and Commonwealth Bank of Australia and various multi-national enterprises.