SSDATA is partnering with 42Gears to provide a robust and secure mobile device management solution

SureMDM – Mobile Device Management software

SureVideo – Digital Signage Solution for digital marketing and Corporate messages.

SureLock – Lock down off-the self kiosk devices


SureMDM enables Digital Transformation by providing solutions for managing the Digital Workspace.

As the use of mobile devices across industries rises, so does the need for a solution that can help businesses manage their mobile endpoints. 42Gears’ SureMDM, a world-class mobile device management solution, allows IT admins to manage, monitor and control all company- and employee-owned devices from a single console, regardless of where they are located or the operating system they run. It also allows them to generate custom and on-demand reports to analyse device, data, and app usage. SureMDM is a robust and reliable MDM solution that can scale up or down depending on business needs.

SureMDM, powered by 42Gears UEM, is an intuitive and powerful Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tool for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. You can secure, monitor and manage company-owned devices for dedicated use as well as employee-owned devices used to access company data (BYOD). SureMDM incorporates all aspects of enterprise mobility through unified endpoint management, including Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Content Management.

One platform to monitor all corporate and employee owned devices across Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux and WearOS. Allows scalability, security and manageability of digital infrastructure.

Securely manage enterprise devices, apps, content and users.

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Digital Signage Solution allows businesses to deliver compelling brand messaging, display engaging content to targeted customers and enhance overall customer experience. It restricts the users to only watch the videos only and prevents any kind of device tampering.

It can be used to display:

  • Advertisements
  • News
  • Product information
  • Corporate messages

SureVideo can be easily installed on tablets or TV sticks, of any form factor, to configure a playlist that plays videos in a loop. Similarly, multiple devices can be configured and updated with playlists at the same time.

SureVideo supports all platforms – Android, iOS and Windows.


Kiosks are great tools for businesses to connect with their customers, employees, and public users. However, the process of building a traditional kiosk is complicated and time-consuming. The cost associated with industrial kiosks is also unrealistic for most businesses.

SureLock by 42Gears offers a quick and easy way to lock down off-the-shelf mobile devices. With the help of SureLock, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and even desktop computers can be used as dedicated-purpose devices.


Productivity of a team depends on how easily and quickly team members can find and contact each other. This is becoming an enormous challenge as workforces are increasingly going mobile. AstroContacts by 42Gears is an Enterprise Contact Management tool that allows seamless sharing of contacts among mobile team members. A user can quickly lookup a contact then call, email or text them with just a tap.

Custom Enterprise Application


This product is a comprehensive solution to turn your mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets into infotainment devices within minutes.

Virtual Sales Person

This product is designed to work as a virtual sales representative. Through this product, you can inform the customer about the features of what you are selling, and add a small demo video as well.


This product is helpful in customer feedback tracking.

Email Capture

Begin a great relationship with your customers by using Email Capture for Android to automate your email collection work.

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